Authenticity > Optimization

Are you stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel?

Do you like the feeling of being captured and retained?

No? Then why are you trying to do that to your audience?

Data is a wonderful thing—but obsessing over it is not.

Let’s talk about how over-optimization can affect your authenticity as a creator, and some simple reminders to help keep you creating for the right reasons.

Who Are You Creating For?

It feels like every creator on my feed is telling me how to optimize my content for maximum reach.

But here’s an important question to consider…

Do you really NEED maximum reach?

Look, there’s nothing wrong with improving your thumbnail design skills, copywriting techniques, video editing, and production quality…

That’s what Create Smarter is here to help you do, and improvement in these areas comes with practice and time.

But your goal should be to create content that leaves a lasting impact.

Not flash in the pan—here today, gone tomorrow content.

The Reality of Nonstop Content Optimization

Man running in a large hamster wheel surrounded by video creation equipment

Creators who constantly optimize every single part of their content will forever be on a hamster wheel.

Instead of simply being themselves, they will jump from trend to trend—changing who they are to try and capture and retain an audience.

“Retention is a metric for advertising, not for entertainment… the longer a creator can keep a user on the site, the more the platform can advertise to them.”

So put yourself in your viewers shoes…

Do you enjoy being captured and retained?

Of course not. So don’t over-optimize for that.

If you believe in what you’re creating, you should trust that the right audience will find value in it.

Your Content is a Magnet

Who are you trying to attract?

Anyone with eyes and ears?

Or an audience of like-minded individuals who are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas, and engage with your content?

Hopefully it’s the latter.

And the good news?

You don’t have to put on a show. You can be yourself.

Your Turn

Aim to create genuine content that inspires, educates, and entertains.

Nothing in your content should feel forced.

Instead, it should feel authentic and natural:

  • Don’t overuse effects and flashy imagery

  • Don’t use jargon to try and sound smarter

  • Don’t “force” concepts, ideas, or techniques

  • Don’t change your approach after every new data point

  • Don’t obsess over production quality (especially at the beginning)

Remember: This approach won’t attract the most people.

But it will attract the right people.

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