Be a Results Maker

Stop overthinking and start making

Ready to stop procrastinating and start making real progress as a creator?

Follow these 3 core concepts and start making results today (plus, a special offer for those who read to the end):

1. Become Action-Oriented

Stop planning, dreaming, and talking about the things you want to do.

Stop watching video after video—digging for more information.

Stop putting creating off until you feel you’re ready.


Start making things. Become action-oriented.

  • Want to be a video creator? Make videos!

  • Want to write a newsletter? Start writing it!

  • Want to start a podcast? Get a microphone and push record.

This will teach you more than any video or blog post.

Think about it:

Can an aspiring guitar player get good at playing guitar just by watching videos?

Of course not!

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying you should avoid YouTube for research… however, it becomes much more effective after you’ve started creating.

Because instead of aimlessly consuming content, you’ll begin to search for specific answers to specific challenges.

You’ll learn the lessons you need to learn right now.

2. Focus on What You Can Control

Expectations are the bane of existence.

Take a lesson from the Stoics, and consider what you can and can’t control.

For example, you can’t directly control the results your content is going to get.

But you can can control what you put into it:

  • Your effort

  • Your output

  • Your dedication

  • Your persistence

This is why—especially at the beginning—you should not focus on getting results.

Instead, you should focus on making results.

The important thing is to take action, show up consistently, and put in the reps. Nothing else.

It doesn’t matter if your content ‘performs well’ or not…

Here’s a hard truth for 99.9% of creators:

Nobody is sitting around waiting for your next article or video.

To me, this idea is freeing.

You can experiment without expectations.

3. Start with Small, Focused Projects

Always create with a project in mind.

And it doesn’t have to be a massive, life-changing project.

Start small. You never know where it might lead…

Back in 2009, after a few years of writing background music for various video projects I was editing… I had the urge to write and produce original music.

I wanted to discover what MY SOUND sounded like.

So I started experimenting with small, specific projects:

  • Could I write a Pink Floyd-style rock track?

  • Could I write a futuristic robot-themed dance song?

  • How about a quirky and creative jazz track?

  • An epic orchestral battle theme?

What did my version of these genres sound like?

This experimentation led to one of the greatest accomplishments of my creative career—writing and producing a 66 minute instrumental concept album called Killing Creative (check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music)

Killing Creative album cover

But did you catch the important bit?

I didn’t start by trying to write a full length album.

I started by experimenting with focused, achievable projects… and it blossomed from there.

Your Turn

Remember this:

You can only get results from something you’ve made.

So start making:

  • Be action-oriented

  • Focus on what you can control

  • Create with a project in mind

Become a consistent results-maker first.

Then you can focus on getting results.

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