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The beginning of your journey as a video creator can be challenging.

You have tons of ideas—but you’re starting with a blank editing timeline.

You get some content filmed and dropped in, but it still feels like there’s something missing…

It needs the perfect intro music, some high quality sound effects, and maybe even some specific stock footage or motion graphics.

Lucky for us, our world is brimming with creative assets that can enhance our edits.

As a professional editor, one service I use on just about every video project is Envato Elements (affiliate link).

A Comprehensive Creative Digital Assets Library (see exactly how I use it below)

Envato Elements is a subscription service that offers unlimited downloads from their catalog of 16+ MILLION creative assets.

Stock footage, motion graphics, video templates, background music, sound effects, photos, graphics, graphic templates, presentation templates, and more!

To me, the value-per-dollar of the service is incredible. For just $16.50 per month, you get unlimited download access to their entire catalog.

The moment you download an asset—you receive a commercial license for use in your designated project…

The best part? 

You can download as many assets as you need with no extra fees.

It offers creators a quick and easy way to enhance their videos while saving time and money.

Want to see exactly how I use Envato Elements as a video creator?

Check out my Envato Elements walkthrough video below 👇

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