Intentional Action, Repeated

The only thing that builds creative skills

Picture the first time you ever got on a bicycle without training wheels.

Were you able to ride it well?

Upset toddler on a bike with father comforting him in sunny suburb

Of course not.

You were terrified of falling.

And… you did fall.

But the good news?

It didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would.

So you tried it again a second time… and a third time. You were still scared, but with each attempt you were able to keep your balance a little longer.

Your parents praised and encouraged you—saying how great you were doing.

Fast forward 3 days…

Toddler joyfully rides bike with excited parents running behind on suburban street

…and they couldn’t get you off that bike.

You pushed through the challenges and built a new skill.

Video creation is no different.

In fact, there’s only ONE thing that will build your skills as a creator:


  • Not research.

  • Not thinking about it.

  • Not watching somebody else do it.

You need direct experience doing exactly the thing you want to be able to do well.

And, just like riding that bike for the first time… you won’t be good at first.

Because you need practice.

Practice is intentional action, repeated.

You learn something new with every attempt.

Every challenge, mistake, and failure builds experience.

You become better:

  • Every time you write an outline or a script

  • Every time you turn on your camera and start recording

  • Every time you bring your footage into your editing program

You learn shortcuts. You make decisions faster. You don’t overthink as much.

You begin to KNOW what to do next.

And you know what?

That’s how a skilled creator operates.

Your Turn

YouTube tutorials, creator newsletters, communities, and courses—these are all wonderful resources that can help guide you…

But none of them will make you take action.

That’s 100% on you.

Here are a few ways to ensure you do:

  • When you watch a YouTube tutorial, integrate the tips into your next video. Or better yet—don’t even watch YouTube tutorials until you run into a specific problem or challenge.

  • Set a challenge for yourself to publish a new video every week or every month—no matter the quality. This will force you to practice consistently and learn from each video you create.

  • Identify one specific skill you want to improve in your video creation process right now… such as writing, lighting, audio quality, or storytelling. Focus on this aspect in your next few videos.

  • Record a reflection video after completing each project—just for you. Talk about what went well, what didn't, and what you learned. This exercise can help you make better decisions going forward.

The bottom line?

Practice to build experience… and skills will follow.

Intentional action, repeated.

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