Practice Outside the Box

VERY FEW people do this... so maybe you should.

There are a lot of things we're taught to practice:

  • Writing

  • Math

  • A sport

  • A musical instrument

But have you ever thought about practicing your enthusiasm?

How about practicing being funny?

It sounds funny just saying it...

But the fact is:

Most of us enjoy being around people who are enthusiastic and funny.

So, why not practice it?

I love this idea.  It comes from Shaan Puri on a recent podcast interview with David Perell.  He discusses it around the 5:00 mark.

Quoting Shaan:

"If there's a thing that has value—that other people don't practice, and even better, it's almost taboo or lame to say you do [practice] it... I've found that those skills are actually premium skills, because you differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  Storytelling is another one of those.  Joke telling is another one of those. ... Everything is downstream of practice."

Your Turn

That is the takeaway:

Everything is downstream of practice.

And remember: You can practice ANYTHING—not just the things we’re taught to.

The goal being to focus on and improve in a specific area.

So, what is something you should be practicing?

** Oh, and bonus points if it’s something that sounds funny when said out loud!

  • I’m practicing being spontaneous.

  • I’m practicing being curious.

  • I’m practicing being interested.

  • I’m practicing being an active listener.

  • I’m practicing keeping eye contact.

  • I’m practicing seeing things from your perspective.

  • I’m practicing being subtle.

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